Gmail Integration with iManage

Empowers organizational users to automate Gmail account to save emails to desired client Workspace with all the profile information.

The Challange

iManage document management is the new frontier of system performance and organizational productivity. Legal firms, entrepreneurs and organizational leaders are searching for ways to integrate iManage with google apps and file emails directly from gmail to iManage work. Integrating Gmail improves efficiency and increases profitability by eliminating the need to purchase office, exchange server, communication server and other related software packages. That’s why the document management experts at MacroAgility Systems have developed Gmail Integration with iManage to deliver a filing system to save emails to iManage Work.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates the need to purchase office, exchange server, communication server, EMM and other related software packages
  • Manage Gmail messages with iManage Work
  • Add extensions to Gmail messages to access advanced iManage features
  • Instantly search and save messages in Gmail format
  • Easily send and file messages to desired folders and worksites with the iManage File button
  • Save time and money by empowering end users
  • Ability to save email attachments directly to WorkSite.
  • Allow to attach WorkSite documents when composing email.

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