SEO for Law Firms

SEO for Law Firms
Do you want to rank higher in the search engines?
Do you want to increase qualified leads?
Do you want to increase revenue?

Then, You need to hire us.

We work with law firms to develop a strategy within a budget.  Our services include the following:

Stage 1: Evaluation & Planning
This stage involves the initial planning and scoping of the project keywords.

Stage 2: Designing and finalizing the website layout

  1. Review the current site
  2. Get all necessary credentials for domain and site access
  3. Agree and review site layout
  4. Layout plan
  5. Develop site
  6. Production go-live plan

Stage 3: Execution
In this stage the Optimization data creation includes Title Tag, Meta Tags, Content optimization, Image Alt-Text, Title Attributes, etc.:

  1. Review Link Building begins for 10-15 Inbound links per month (from relevant websites)
  2. Search engine optimized data creation
  3.  Existing content optimization (revising existing content)
  4. Creation of Google Sitemap

Stage 4: SEO Implementation
Up to 15 pages optimization (utilizes optimization data and content from stage II)
Quality Check (QC)

Stage 5: Monitoring & Monthly Link Building
This phase duration will be 12 months in which MacroAgility will do the following

  1. Rank monitoring
  2. Traffic report analysis

10-15 relevant inbound links per month

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