iManage Development

MacroAgility focus is to develop products according to the firm needs rather than one size fits all approach.


MacroAgility is helping companies build iManage previously known as Autonomy integration with external systems and can surely help you achieve your goal.

iManage Custom Development

MacroAgility can build comprehensive software solutions for iManage DMS that will reduce security risk,  improve user experience and optimize performance.


Matter Centricity is a big part of filing documents in an appropriate workspace. To Design, Implement, and Test Matter Centricity requires tedious planning, designing and implementation.  MacroAgility gathers requirements by talking to end users to understand specific needs.  This then allows MacroAgility to provide an appropriate Matter Centric design specially tailored to firms.

At the end of the process, we will achieve the following:iManage WorkSite

  • Create one workspace per matter.
  • Assign an owner for each workspace
  • Allow user to easily secure a folder
  • Flexible Naming standards
  • Consistency in re-filling


There are many reasons to move content from or into a central DMS from a legacy system, shared network folder, Exchange or Outlook PST files.  MacroAgility can use special tools to make this process a breeze.

iManage Upgrade
It is important to keep up to date with the iManage products since the latest version is feature rich and fix many bugs from the previous version.

Our consultants keeps up to date with iManage products and provide upgrade services by carefully planning the upgrade for following:

  • WorkSite Server (s) to latest version
  • Upgrade WorkSite Database
  • WorkSite Index Server (s) to latest version SP2 updates 2 or higher
  • WorkSite communication
  • WorkSite Mobility Server(s) to latest version

Due to our consultants extensive experience with the iManage products, Autonomy WorkSite we can identify issues before they occur and immediately optimize system performance.  We have successfully upgraded McMillan LLP and Cohen Highly.

iManage Implementation
Our team of experts is here to implement the latest version of iManage products and iManage tools to provide a DMS Architect as a blueprint.

We offer a state of the art design and implementation services to deploy the appropriate servers more effectively and efficiently by gathering strict requirement from your firm.

iManage can be implemented as a managed service where the company doesn’t need to invest a lot of money in the hardware.  MacroAgility can install and manage all services in a cloud for your firm and help further by providing iManage training.

Are you looking for Experience iManage Consultant?

Are you looking for partner to implement or upgrade iManage on-premises or on-cloud for your firm?

Are you looking for iManage Custom Tools especially tailored to your firm needs?


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