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Join MacroAgility at the Legal Tech Trade Show 2016

Come see us at our Booth- No. 531

MacroAgility will be at the Legal Tech 2016 showcasing award winning iManage WorkSite Document Management System that allows you to manage all your documents and emails from anywhere. Also, come and learn how to eliminate costly software and save money with MacroAgility’s new year launch product Gmail2Work, which integrates iManage with Gmail.

Venue and Time of Presentation

Tuesday        Feb 02, 2016 9:00am-5:00pm
Wednesday  Feb 03, 2016 9:00am-5:00pm
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Why you need a document management system for your law firm?

What is a Document Management System (DMS)? 
A document management system is a software that is implemented by the law firms to help manage, organize, store, and track electronic documents.

Why is it important to have a Document Management System (DMS) in place? 
The need for a document management system in a firm is more important now than ever due to the whole range of electronics and regulations that are in place. A good DMS can provide securely share work spaces with granular permissions, version control, content encryption and response to the lawyer needs from anywhere, at any time, with secure mobile access to shared work spaces.
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How is WorkSite Communication Server 9.x improved?

  1. Performance, performance and performance.
  2. 9.x have a true load balancing. The biggest issue with 8.5 load balancing is that it distributes firm users evenly to the WCS cluster base servers. What this means is that, if the firm had 900 users and 3 WCS servers in the cluster, it would distribute 300 users to each server in the cluster. This implies that, if Mary were assigned to Server1 and it went down, she would be unable to file emails, even though Server2 and Server3 were up. This defect has been resolved in the WCS 9.x. Now, if a server is removed from a WCS cluster, it will process new filing jobs gracefully.
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7 Reasons to upgrade to WorkSite 9.x

Some of the major reason you should upgrade to WorkSite 9.x are the following:

  1. WorkSite Anywhere: Allow you to connect to WorkSite server from anywhere by simply installing deskSite on any machine. Of course, you would need proper credentials.
  2. Unicode Support: What this means is that you can view matter, folder, document etc in multiple languages.
  3. Encrypted Document Management: Enhancements toencrypt document management using HIPAA
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