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Our Promise

Our promise to all our customers is that with MacroAgility, they will experience excellent services.

  • All our employees are empowered to deliver an outstanding service every step of the way.
  • We are committed to offering the best, most reliable products in the market and together provide you with the most clever, innovative and cost-effective solutions available.
  • Keep law firm focused on priorities and help them make a better decision on selecting, upgrading and designing document management system.

Get to Know Us

MacroAgiltiy is service oriented consulting firm that delivers high standard professional services for Enterprises in both private & public sectors in Northern America/Canada and Asian Pacific.  Our mission is to provide enterprise solutions with the most reliable professional services and become the trustworthy party for its Enterprise clients.  We have maintained a 100% project success rate since we started the business.

With extensive technical expertise and years of experience with iManage Content Management and iManage Tools, our team provides a cordial service and a fast delivery.  MacroAgility Govern firms by helping organizations manage content through upgrading,  Matter-Centricity, customizations and custom development for one of the leading iManage DMS formerly known as WorkSite. Using the strong team skills and experience,  MacroAgility works as a bridge between iManage Support and a firm’s IT department to provide productive iManage solutions. We are well known for our technical expertise with a very clear insight into document management and email management challenges.

From document management to Suite CRM, MacroAgility strives to connect firms with the products that they need to build a stronger business.

Are you looking for Experience iManage Consultant?

Are you looking for partner to implement or upgrade iManage on-premises or on-cloud for your firm?

Are you looking for iManage Custom Tools especially tailored to your firm needs?


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